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Guiding Patients to a Safe Prescription Assistance Program

Colorado Nurse Feb 2018

Colorado Nurse Feb 2018

The cost of pediatric health continues to rise, and families who are uninsured and underinsured are continually searching for ways to help with their prescription medication costs. Data shows that 4 out of 5 deaths in children under age 5 are caused by infectious, neonatal, or nutritional conditions, many of which could be prevented by life-saving medications. Additionally, it was estimated that 10,380 children under the age of 15 would be diagnosed with cancer in 2016. National averages show approximately 5.5% of children under the age of 18 do not have health insurance. Clearly, there are many parents who will be seeking assistance in affording their children’s medications in 2018.

With so many possible pediatric health concerns, nurses are vital in the effort to educate patients and families on available programs to assist in affording prescription medications. By encouraging them to talk openly and honestly with their physician, and by offering community resources, nurses can bring relief to worried parents dealing with the stress of fighting for their child’s health and well-being. Nurses are a critical part of a child’s healthcare experience, whether at the school nurse’s office, pediatric visits, or at the local hospital or clinic. Parents will often seek nursing staff counsel when they cannot afford a medication, or feel they must choose between paying bills or paying for a child’s prescription to be filled at the local pharmacy. Being able to afford necessary medications is something that no parent should have to worry about, but the reality is that it happens all too often.

Fortunately, parents are not alone as there are community resources available to help them in affording their family’s prescription medications. It is important to consider HIPAA compliancy, resource effectiveness, and reliability when recommending discount card programs to patients & parents. Nurses must feel confident that their patient’s privacy will be protected, and that the program is a long-standing, reputable service that can be trusted. In reviewing available options, nurses must be vigilant that parents are educated about the choices available in Colorado, and reinforce the importance of privacy to guide them in choosing wisely to protect their personal information. Another important consideration is recommending a prescription assistance program that works closely in Colorado with medical organizations.

Whether families are struggling to cover their family’s daily medications, antibiotics for flu season, or a more serious health crisis for a child, nurses can be a trusted guide to help parents find ways to cope with rising prescription costs.